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Buckeye Composites’ carbon nanomembrane, or “buckypaper,” is a thin, paper-like membrane of carbon nanotubes, nanofiber, nanoplatelets and/or other carbon nanomaterial.  Buckypaper can be comprised of 100% carbon nanomaterial or can be pre-impregnated or “pre-pregged” with resin.  Thickness and areal weight can be tailored to meet end-user requirements. Buckeye Composites’ buckypaper can be produced with any supplier’s carbon nanotubes or other carbon nanomaterial.  This process versatility allows optimization of custom buckypaper formulations for a variety of applications.


Available in 12" x 100' Rolls Flexible Buckypaper Formulation Robust Buckypaper Formulation

By incorporating the carbon nanomaterial into a membrane, surface-dominated thermal and electrical properties of composite structures can be maximized.  Buckeye Composites’ buckypaper can be handled in frozen roll form similar to aerospace carbon fiber prepreg materials and is essentially treated as just another “ply” in the lamination process.  Buckypaper is directly compatible with established autoclave and out-of-autoclave composite processing techniques, and is integrated into the composite structure by resin infusion during cure.